Forever Paleontology

September 17, 2009

paleontologistRetrograde remediation could be applied to the processes and possibilities of Network Realism, in the pursuing of a sousrealist agenda.  Sousrealism seems an apt term, traces of that vigilance from below that so many phantom limbed panopticonfidants engage in.  Forever publishing images, forever tracking, being found, and being present all the time with no end, information piles up, burying yesterday’s findings incessantly.  Living fossils are really just stationary species, to paraphrase zoologist Bernard Heuvelmans.   Onward, following researcher Nold Egenter’s use of  “sous-realism” to differentiate Magritte from his typical surrealist milieu, stressing the artist’s attention to sub-terranean phenomena.   “With deep reflections and intensity [Magritte] reconstructs very precisely lost structures of the past, conditions which are no more conscious to us,” (Magritte the Archtecturologist), like a paleontologist puzzling out a prehistoric form.

Surrealism retro-fit through a digging up of clues,  out from under the real rather than from some lofty heights beyond it.  Entangled between fact and fiction, betwixt tangible reality and the mediated dredged up variants that are now so mundanely informing operations in everyday life.  Not quite liminal, maybe liminoid, a twilight expanding.  The apparitions now wandering about in the landscape of our distributed minds are searching for material memories, geo-spatial fossils and dredged up dinosaur technology.

Close encounters with alien visitors offer the promise of immediacy so absent in network culture.  Eye-witness interaction with advanced technology, a heterotopian space idling in the gaps of network coverage.   While even still,  the lifeworld of extra-terrestrial phenomena is beholden to the generative mechanisms of theory objects, if there is any hope of a lasting impression. Tech support for failed utopias in the timbre of twilight.

1 /11/13 – Note: For clarification of this Metaphortean musing —the missing metadata in this characterization of ongoing information management as paleontological are “Foreverism” and “Forbidden Paleontology.” These concepts were cross-wired in the Metaphortean Space in hopes of yielding new insight. Foreverism being trendwatching.org’s suggested marketing strategy of permanently generating new content and sites for client interaction. Forbidden Paleontology being the title of a non-normative science concerning excavation of ancient technological artifacts that would seem to throw conventional chronology into a tizzy.

Forever Paleontology could be described as the “poor-person’s omniscience.” The Forever Paleontologist, hypothetical denizen of the near-future, seeks to maintain a semblance of chronology in his/her increasingly non-linear existence online. Daily routines of linking, searching and sifting provide makeshift continuity by way of pattern-recognition over time. Sentiment becomes sediment, or vice-versa, as out-of-place articles are uncovered (again), jogging one’s memory. Speculatively, Forever Paleontology is also a repressed desire to keep one’s “inboard brain” active lest evolutionary forces, in an ironic homage to  Lucy, lobby for a reduction in the cranial quarters.

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  1. I’m surprised that your entries have not been commented upon. Your ideas are fully formed and brilliantly executed. I’m especially excited about this idea of Forever Paleontology. I’ve described Facebook as a system with layers of geological history, but I never thought to consider the idea of everyone being a Paleontologist. The E-mail inbox is a rapidly expanding site of excavation which one must continually query. The newness of everything buries one’s ability to reach it without digging.

    There’s no “about” section on your blog. Is there some place I might be able to learn more about you? For instance, are you a college student, professor, post-doc or independent researcher? A number of my colleagues would like to learn more about your work. At the very least, I’d like to open up further dialog with you.

  2. I’d really love you to expand on this thought, “Eye-witness interaction with advanced technology, a heterotopian space idling in the gaps of network coverage” — Foucault’s discussion of the heterotopian space is very worthy for application in what you’re discussing here. I’d love to hear/read more.

  3. […] Earth; digital preservationists work with information buried within more information. Case credits Metaphortean Space for hitting on this insight. “Forever publishing images, forever tracking, being found, and […]

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