Missing Links

October 27, 2007

Above is an overview of the sasquatchery and related phenomena witnessed last weekend. The Crypto-Zoetropical Pursuit was held at Rererato Art Space in Portland on Friday Oct. 19th, 7pm, and at LumpWest, Eugene on Saturday Oct.20th, 8pm, in an anniversary celebration of the infamous Bigfoot image and the menagerie of associated mysteries….

there may be interest to further pursue the artists involved with this adventure! so here are the missing links:

Screening includes a variety of crypto-zoetropicalism, such as:
LoVid (NYC),
Daniel Heila (EUG),
Stephen Slappe (PDX),
Gretchen Hogue(PDX),
Carl Diehl (PDX),
Eric Ostrowski (SEATTLE),
Jesse England (EUG),
MAck Mcfarland (PDX),
Gijs Gieskes(Netherlands),
Phil Stearns (LA),

(Friday night only) Portland’s Pulse Emitter uses eclectic electronic synthesis to uncover the unseen sound of saucer/sasquatch sightings!

Then Universe will present the poetry and possibilities of sasquatch-UFO interdimensional collaborations!

(On Saturday only) Eugene’s Don Haugen synthesizes field recordings using home-made apparatuses, circuit-bent instruments and a belief that the Bigfoot exists.

(Both Nights)
Performance by Portland’s Instinct Control…using the all but forgotten technology of cassette tape to re-mix the evening’s audio, and pushing the tape deck’s own fortean impulses further afield via the electronic art of circuit-bendiing!

Son of Sasquatch performance by Jason Jones, of Eugene. Unusual, but now well substantiated, the infamous Bigfoot is believed to have been one of the thousands of young dreamers who flocked to the San Francisco Bay Area during the Summer of Love. Unknowingly siring an offspring–the Son of Sasquatch! What does this new era hold for us and the Son of Sasquatch?

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